"Then let's look on the bright side: we're having an adventure. . . and most people live and die without being as lucky as we are"
-- The Princess Bride

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Friday night. Let's rage.

Jaymi is in town house sitting for her dad and we have been hanging out. Last night was pretty much the best ever. Let's recap.

The evening began where many good stories do, on BART. Once we had arrived at the Berkeley station, we couldn't figure out how to get out an were yelled at by a security guard who we then apologized to and befriended. We joked a while and then headed out, waving farewell to our new friend.

Once outside we only had to walk a few blocks, but this didn't stop us from hanging out with Christopher (with a ch) and his cute dog Kansas for twenty minutes or so next to a clock tower.

To clarify, Christopher is just a nice guy who travels a lot and was sitting on the curb looking like he needed a friend. So he gave us a beer and we discussed world politics and religion. I kid, we talked about dogs and traveling, and life outside of the normal rent system.

With our bellies filled with beer, we headed onwards to Shattuck Down Low, for dancing.

There we got to know the DJ, a lovely chap with a penchant for blue moons. We became his beer runners and got free drinks all night. I managed to lose my phone for all of thirty minutes and then luckily someone turned it in to a bartender who gave me back my technology as well as another beer for the DJ!

Dancing, boozing, more dancing, Jaymi doesn't remember most of the night but I have it all stockpiled for thinking about while bored at work.

The club closed down at 2am and we made our way out front. We were about to walk home (standard for us after our evenings at SDL) but the DJ's friend wasn't having it and paid for us to take a cab home.

Even the cabby was awesome and told us jokes the whole way home. Then we passed out and that was Friday. I totally put college me to shame and probably burned a few calories dancing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Apartment 1970's TV Show

Enter the protagonists, Kris and Jessica, young, happy, in love, and freshly moved into their awesome apartment.

over time (and many montages of cooking, bbq's, holidays, etc) we meet. . . the neighbors.

The Mitchell n' Mann promo shot.  Pretty awesome, I know.

In this episode of "The Mitchell n' Mann" (get it? like the Michelin Man?? No? Whatever, you suck) the audience gets to learn all about some of the neighbors.


Theme music plays
Scene 1
it's 2am, and there is a loud crash
Kris and Jessica awake from their slumbers
K: what was that?
J: no, not again, OH GOD WHYYYYY?
noises from below ensue, yelling, profanities, muffled crying,
     "I will never win a fight with you, dating lawyers is the worst!"
     (light awkward audience laughter)
J: It's. . . the neighbors.
K: what are you talking about?
J: the downstairs neighbors.  Haven't you noticed? They get in multi-hour-long fights that last until about 3 am and then they have raucous angry make up sex until 5.  While I admit I am intrigued by some of the noises, I mostly want to pound on the floor and blare (insert 70's artist similar to Justin Beiber here) songs through the floors.
K: Maybe they won't do that this time
noisy sex commences below, muffled scream, slap, laughter, moaning. . .  2 hours pass

Scene 2
repeat exactly the same thing once every two or three weeks for a year

Scene 3
J: I can't take this anymore! *jumps on floor for twenty minutes, screaming along to (70's artist), scares kitten*
K: Do you feel better now?
J: yes, much, quite, thank you.

Scene 4
8 am on a Saturday
Jackhammer noises and sawing below
K: what the hell are they doing?
J: killing us slowly with their inability to share a functioning relationship?
Kris goes to check it out, and returns with news.

End episode.

Yeah! My crappy downstairs neighbors moved out! Hopefully the new ones will be awesome and want to play Kinect with me and not have angry hate sex at 4 in the morning!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Quick Bullet Point on Bay Area Weather

Growing up in LA I was blessed with the magic of 76 degrees year round.  So weather here has a tendency to confuse me a little bit.  Especially when two days ago I got a sunburn in my backyard during this madness.

. . . and today I am cuddled up with a blanky inside my apartment for this.

80 degrees on saturday, raining on monday.  That is the Bay Area way.