"Then let's look on the bright side: we're having an adventure. . . and most people live and die without being as lucky as we are"
-- The Princess Bride

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day of New Adventures

Saturday was a day to try new things, so it seemed only right to go into the city to meet Alyssa for some fresh ideas.  Looking at the costs it was going to be $4 (plus gas) to drive, or $11 (plus around the city fare) for each of us to take public transportation.  Since we never really drive into the city, with good reason as it's super scary driving, we decided to do it.

Once we met up with Alyssa a plan began to take shape.  We would
1) get coffee (my idea)
2) go see the Bison at Golden Gate Park (Alyssa's Idea)
3) get a drink at a new bar (Kris' Idea)

All this and more occurred.  But what i was most surprised by was how frickin cool the park is.  New adventures sprung up without warning once we arrived.  We saw a bus that had pushed a car up onto a divider (because SF drivers are scary), we saw older gentlemen playing with sailboats at Spreckels Lake, we saw three bison, let me repeat THREE BISON!!! although they were just sleeping and not really doing anything cool.  AND we took a turn about Stow Lake; a lake with water so gross that even the foam coming off the waterfalls looks like stale rootbeer fluff.

The only downside to the park was that there were not enough Ice Cream and Beer vendors for my taste.  I don't actually think that Ice Cream and Beer vendors exist, but they should.  Especially in a park with lots of people wandering around just waiting for their sugar and alcohol needs to be met.  This could be a huge new venture, someone should really start up a cart and pay me for my great idea.

Luckily we were able to remedy the situation and conclude part 3 of our day plan by going to a pretty snazzy brewery, called Social Kitchen and Brewery, right outside of GG park.  Truffle oil mac n' cheese, hot wings with bleu cheese dressing, barely cooked cookie dough with ice cream on top... (yup, I got my ice cream fix in there too!) and some pretty fun beers made for an excellent meal.

Friday, September 9, 2011

C.L.I.T. (Cat lady in training)

My future is set. I may not have a job right now, but I can tell you with the utmost certainty that if Kristopher ever leaves me and I am a sad bag lady I will definitely become the owner of at least 10 cats.  We can live in my fortress of solitude, aka the run down crack house I squat in, and eat tuna out of the can together.

This past weekend was a bumpy and confusing emotional rollercoaster.  Friday, we went to Sacramento for Kris' grandmothers funeral.  Having never really been to a funeral I found myself in the grip of group emotions.  I am sure there is some psychoanalytical term for this, but I had never met this woman and yet felt so sad and overcome with grief during the ceremony that it was a bit difficult to be there.  After the speeches and remembrance ended we did what UCSB graduates do best though, partied and ate a lot of delicious catered food.  Meeting Kris' family was great and we got to play with some adorable small children.

This led us to Petsmart on Saturday, you know, because children are semi-reminiscent of kittens in there love of chasing bottle caps and human ankles.  While at the store we found the sweetest little kitten ever (this has changed).  She purred when picked up and fell asleep in our arms, she made one pathetic little "mew?" on the 3 hour drive home to Berkeley, she hid under the couch for a majority of the first day home.  We named her Professor McGonagall, because we are Harry Potter nerds.

AND THEN!!!!! a change overcame her.  Our kitten is a freak.  She likes to walk on our faces at 5am, lick noses and headbutt your cheek when you are not attentive enough, and meow plaintively at the bathtub as if to say "hey, giant white inanimate object, why the shit aren't you playing with me?"

But I love her anyway, and the insanity of owning a kitten seems to fit my personality pretty well.  So take a look at my future.